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Kalyankari Kutch Chaturmas - 2022


Discover the
Param within you

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Discover The
Param Within You

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Discover The
Param Within You

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Kalyankari Kutch Chaturmas 2022

Kutch the sweetness of our land welcomes the nectar of wisdom of our Param Guru.
Kutch the devotion of our hearts welcomes the compassion of our Param Guru.
Kutch the thirst of our souls welcomes the infinite grace of our Param Guru.

Padharo Param Gurudev
Just as rain replenishes the parched Earth, the Guru replenishes our parched soul with his shower of profound wisdom and truth, and thus initiates our inner journey of Aatmakalyan. Come, be part of this extraordinary Chaturmas 2022 and drench in the grace of our Param Upkari – Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb.

Chaturmas Venue
The blessed Chaturmas 2022 shall take place in the quiet, peaceful and serene atmosphere of SPM Aarogyadham, Punadi, Kutch. To ensure that seekers from across the world can make the most of this soul-stirring Chaturmas, we are committed to unconditional sadharmik seva and bhakti.


Live Webcast

Join inspiring Daily Pravachans, Mindful Meditations, Aagam Vachanis, Shibirs and more.

Humanitarian Work

Arham Yuva Seva Group is carrying unique seva projects which are empathetic, impact driven and meticulously designed to serve a humanitarian cause with a spiritual objective. A movement of compassion with a strong spiritual foundation, our group is a collective force of youth energy that constantly strives to touch the lives and livelihoods of the underprivileged.






Lives Impacted


If you want to come for 1 month / 2 months / 4 months / long stay?

Kindly fill the form by clicking on the link and the chaturmas committee will revert back within 7 days

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